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I HAVE MORE WORK TO DO: 3. Upgrade all facilities for a growing population

by Keith Watts on 12 May, 2014

It was recently announced that funds will be made available to enlarge Whitchurch Primary School.  New building in Whitchurch, Overton and around must be supported by money for growth of Testbourne School.

Whitchurch has very few public playing fields for the number of people who live here.  Youth football teams have to go far afield to play their home matches.  But, before you can make a sports field you need land.  Eric Dunlop and Keith Watts have given a lot of attention to obtaining land for use as playing fields but it hasn’t happened yet and needs more work.

Both Lib Dem Councillors support a proposal for a 3rd generation artificial turf pitch at Testbourne School, to be shared across many sports.  Funds will have to be granted for it from many sources, including housing developers.

Two local charities run public halls for general use.  There is a need for a building dedicated for use by local youth.  Existing and new facilities will continue to need funding to cope with more users.

Keith Watts will also press for a levy on new developments to enable the GP’s surgery to take care of more patients.