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Liberal Democrat welcome for the return of Scrutiny

by Keith Watts on 1 June, 2014

Liberal Democrats have welcomed the return of a dedicated Scrutiny Committee to Basingstoke and Deane Council.  

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Gavin James said: 

“It has taken months, years really, for the Conservatives to acknowledge and action what the report into the Manydown fiasco told them, that the Council needs a better scrutiny process that doesn’t block and exclude the opposition parties.  I welcome the return of a dedicated Scrutiny Committee and the fact the Conservatives have conceded it ought to be chaired by a member of a minority party.” 

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Whitchurch, Keith Watts will be nominated to be the new chairman of the Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 5th June. 

Keith Watts said: 

“I am delighted to be put forward as the first Chairman of the new Scrutiny Committee. Undoubtedly it will be a big workload as there is a lot to look at. It is vital that the Scrutiny Committee sets its own agenda and scrutinises matters that the Cabinet might wish it didn’t. 

“If I am elected Chairman I intend to ensure scrutiny is both vigorous and fair.  Scrutiny isn’t about opposing everything, it’s about getting better outcomes for local residents.

All parties should have something to contribute in a constructive way, and that includes the Conservative backbenchers.”