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76 bus to by-pass London Street and travel along Lynch Hill Park

by Keith Watts on 22 July, 2015

Stagecoach plan to change the route of the 76 bus through Whitchurch to avoid the sharp turn by the White Hart.

A Stagecoach employee says “Currently the turn from Newbury Street into London Street is nothing but dangerous.  We cannot continue.  Furthermore the delays and difficulties encountered trying to negotiate London Street impacts upon service reliability and poses potential dangers with our drivers blind to oncoming traffic.

“When (eastbound 76) buses reach Whitchurch they will serve The Square, Bell Street, Evingar Road, Station Road and the top of Newbury Road as now, then turn to serve Dances Lane and Lynch Hill Park towards London Road.  From here buses then continue the same line of route until Basingstoke train station and bus station.

“Returning buses will follow the same route through Overton and Whitchurch.

“We are making several (other) changes to the route which (the 76) takes and doubling the resources to offer buses every 30 minutes during the daytime, Monday to Saturday.”

Reduced service on route 86.

Stagecoach say “Owing to route 86 being very lightly used during the day, we have made the difficult decision to run this about every 2 hours between Overton and Winchester.  Whilst there has been some through custom from beyond Overton, the majority is confined to school and college journeys destined for Winchester.  We will continue to offer two buses in each direction specifically to cater for these demands, linking Basingstoke to Winchester via Oakley, Overton and Whitchurch.  The route which 86 will take through Whitchurch will be along London Road, London Street, The Square, Winchester Street and Winchester Road.”


Borough Councillor Keith Watts points out that these changes will leave no bus link from Winchester Road to the station and that no buses to Basingstoke will stop near Kings Walk nor by the White Hart.  Passengers for Basingstoke from Winchester Road, London Street or London Road will have to take an 86 bus then change to 76 in Laverstoke or Overton.

Let Stagecoach know what you think about these changes

To comment on these changes, write to Adam Hawksworth, Commercial Manager, Stagecoach South, The Bus Station, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8DG or email
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